War In The Balkans Conflict and Diplomacy before World War I Edited by James Pettifer and Tom Buchanan

I.B.Tauris is delighted to announce the publication of the following title: The history of the Balkans incorporates all the major historical themes of the 20th Century – the rise of nationalism, communism and fascism, state-sponsored genocide and urban warfare. Focusing on the centuries opening decades, War in the Balkans seeks to shed new light on the Balkan Wars through approaching each regional and ethnic conflict as a separate actor, before placing them in a wider context. Although top-down ‘Great Powers’ historiography is often used to describe the beginnings of the World War I, not enough attention has been paid to the events in the region in the years preceding the Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination. The Balkan Wars saw the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, the end of the Bulgarian Kingdom (then one of the most powerful military countries in the region), an unprecedented hardening of Serbian nationalism, the swallowing up of Slovenes, Croats and Slovaks in a larger Balkan entity, and thus set in place the pattern of border realignments which would become familiar for much of the twentieth century.

ISBN: 9781784531904
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James Pettifer is Professor of Balkan History at the University of Oxford. He was Senior Associate Member of St Antony’s College and currently teaches at St Cross College and in the Oxford History Faculty. Alongside his academic work he has reported for the Times and the Wall Street Journal on Balkan issues and has written several guides to the region.

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