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IMIC (International Multi-religious Intercultural Center) provides platform for promotion of inter-religious dialogue and development of discourse on justice and peace  in Bosnia and Herzegovina and South-Eastern Europe. The organization supports the goals of multi-religious, multiethnic and multicultural society, and promotes democratization and reintegration of the country and its people, securing of human rights and culture of tolerance, peace and mutual understanding.
Foremost, among the goals of the IMIC is the facilitation of understanding central role played by spiritual dimension in the peace process. IMIC is active locally as well as globally in its support of peaceful encounter and understanding through theoretical dialogue, often together with international organizations, and in bringing communities together in prayer, action, and day-to-day shared life. Our center is convinced that tolerance in multi-religious Bosnia & Herzegovina and Europe can be fostered through dialogue and that it is the only guarantee for lasting and sustainable peace in the country and region.
International Multi-religious Intercultural Centre is recorded in Registry of scientific and research associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is involved in research and scientific work related to its mission and goals.. The two most important projects,  in this sense, are research/project:Women , Religion and Politics which resulted in publication in BCS, and recently (this year, 2010) published in English, and another research-project “Inter-religious dialogue trough education and communication of the youth in multi-cultural society of Bosnia and Herzegovina” that investigated attitudes towards religiosity, ethnicity and religion in 8 municipalities and more than 50 schools in B&H.
IMIC was founded on 10th of December, 1991, for the Anniversary of UN Declaration of Human Rights, as non-governmental organization under civil law, in premises of Jewish community in Sarajevo. The organization operated for some time, in the premises of Sarajevo Academy of Arts and Sciences. Since the 1st of July 1996, IMIC has its own center and Library in Sarajevo, Old City, the address is: Obala Kulina Bana 39.

Past Activities
Since 1991 until present, IMIC accomplished the following: organizing brief courses with inter-cultural dimension about everyday life, joint prayer and meditation, with participation of Muslim, Jewish, Orthodox and Catholic congregations in Sarajevo. Since 1993, IMIC prepared Sarajevo week of the multi-religious dialogue, which analyzed the role of religion in peace process (Graz 1993); projects Multiethnic and multi-religious reconciliation, State and Religious Affairs, Religion and Social Life (Sarajevo 1994); State affairs (Sarajevo 1994); Social life (Sarajevo 1996); Reconciliation : A way to freedom (Sarajevo 1997); Religion and human rights (Sarajevo 1998); and Religion and public life (Sarajevo 1999).
In 2000, IMIC organized symposium about dialogue of civilizations in Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo and Bulgaria. Since 1994, IMIC was running a multi-religious, intercultural meeting center, providing advisory services and spiritual assistance to refugees in Germany (pre-dominantly in Bayern), in cooperation with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Christlichen Kirchen Bayern, Jewish ant Islamic communities from Zagreb, Croatia.
In 1996, on the fifth anniversary of the Center, Library for promoting multi-religious dialogue, human rights, justice and peace, was established and opening ceremony was presided by the rector of Sarajevo University. Since 1997, IMIC set up a counseling center, Service of Goodness, for returning refugees and displaced persons, and organized regular meetings for families from all groups of society. Since 1997, IMIC had projects for rehabilitation of flats in Sarajevo, for members of ‘mixed marriage’ families and single mothers regardless of their religion and nationality. In 1999, IMIC continued with Service of Peace and Good Will (SOPG) , and implemented joint-project with FMO-Franciscans of South-Eastern Europe for reconstruction, multi-religious dialogue and reconciliation in Kosovo.
Since 2000. IMIC is organizing spiritual call of monotheistic religions, frequently  on the occasion of the Day of B&H Statehood. Since 2004, IMIC began a pilot project Multi-religiosity and reintegration of Bosnia and Herzegovina and since 2005 pilot project Women, Religion and Politics. IMIC is also involved in initiative Religious Studies Masters Program at CIPS, with Sarajevo University,  Arizona State University and University of Oslo (Norway).

Supporters of IMIC Home and Abroad

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Christlichen Kirchen in Bayern
  • Mitteleurope Konferenz der Franziskanischen Provinziaele
  • Christians Associated for Relations with Eastern Europe
  • Hilfswerk der Evangelischen Kirchen in der Schweiz (HEKS)
  • Embassies of USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, U.K., Norway, Greece, Arab Republic of Egypt, Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Foundation Robert Schuman
  • Evangelishekirchentag 93
  • Erzbischifliches Ordinariat Munchen
  • Curia Generalis Ordinis Fratrum Minorum, Rome
  • Various Jewish and Islamic organizations
  • Council of Europe
  • Municipalities in B&H
  • Ministry of Education of Federation B&H
  • OSCE Education Department
  • Soros Education Department
  • City of SarajevoProjects that IMIC implements at the moment and most recent projects are: ·
  • – Women, Religion and Politics – since 2005. (with support of US Embassy and Soros), and the book/publication with the same title in BCS and English
  • – 2008. · Inter-religious dialogue through education and communication of the youth in multicultural society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and publication-reflection on results of research completed in 2009. – (with support of Soros Education Department, OSCE Education Department and local communities)
  • – 2007/2009. · Cooperation With Embassies (3 events by now prepared with Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran, Embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt, and we look for possibilities of organizing similar events/lectures/performances etc with other embassies in B&H); ·
  • Improving the services of IMIC Library (with support of Federal Ministry of Education and Science, Federal Ministry of Justice, Foundation for Librarianship B&H, National and University Library) – 2008/2011 (this project means introducing COBISS and successful cataloguing of all books in IMIC library, also attending seminars at home and abroad for professional improvement of IMIC Librarians. Since 2010 the official title of the Library is BIMIC.
  • – Opening Section for Literature on Women's Rights and Religion– 2008/2009 (with support of Canada Fund);
  •  Masters program in Religious Studies at CIPS -Centre for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies (with support of Norwegian Embassy and Arizona State University) – from Academic year 2007/2008
  • – Faith and Community: Dialogue (with support of Bureau of Cultural and Educational Affairs of the US Government and IREX) -2007-2009. ·
  • – Translating comparative literature (publications) on religion, culture and cultural heritage 2010-2012.(The first book to be published within this project is Encyclopedia of Angels, original published by Facts on File, and BCS-Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian translation by RABIC and IMIC, with support of OSCE Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina.)
  • – Opening IMIC Centre in Alexandria-Egypt and Cooperation with Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 2010-2015…
  • – Internships and Working practice in IMIC and IMIC Library for different types of interns (students from CIPS, PETF JURA Swiss Government Internship Program, independent interns who search for working practice in Centre or Library)
  • -short-term small projects of cultural, educational and scientific exchange (Fulbright Specialists and other schemes) –First visit (of Fulbright Specialist) is planned for January and April 2011 in two parts, each one of 21 days.
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